We have created many resources to help your congregation engage with Voices Together. On this page you will find indexes, curricula, teaching videos, essays, stories on particular songs, and much more! May these resources enrich your congregational experience with this new Anabaptist worship and song collection.

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Resources for Advent 2020

Due to COVID-related shipping delays of the Voices Together products, these resources have been made temporarily available to accompany the Winter 2020 issue of Leader magazine.


Launch resources

Guide to Adopting Voices Together

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Eager to try out some new music in Voices Together? This helpful chart outlines some new songgs to try out if your congregation is used to singing certain songs or types of songs.

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Discussion guides


How to Respond When Worship Materials Are Implicated in Abuse 
This resource offers a survivor-centered perspective on how individuals
and communities of faith can respond when it is discovered that beloved
songs and prayers were written by a person who has perpetrated sexual
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Expansive Language in Voices Together

When worshipers flip through the pages of the new hymnal and worship book Voices Together, or swipe through songs in the app, they will discover many different images of God. Images like Rock, Breath, and Creator appear alongside Father, Mother, Womb, and King. Pronouns including he/him and she/her are used to refer to God. Some familiar hymn texts are revised, whereas others remain unchanged. In this statement the committee outlines the theological foundations and practical approach taken to language for God in Voices Together.  

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Teaching Videos




Getting to Know Voices Together


Downloadable Extras


Add a personal touch to your hymnals with these downloadable bookplate templates.

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The title artwork serves as the logotype for Voices Together. The logotype should not be distorted in any way. Make certain when resizing that the dimensions are constrained. The words should not be separated.

The dove symbol should not be distorted in any way. The same care is required in handling/resizing the symbol as is given for the logotype. The symbol should not be reversed or rotated.

Full guidelines here.

Voices Together Title Artwork

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Voices Together Dove Symbol

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