Product and Discount Information

Voices Together formats

We are planning to make the hymnal available in formats that will best meet the needs of all kinds of Mennonite congregations. Plans are being made for Voices Together to be available in the following formats:


How much will this cost my congregation?

Pricing for the full suite of Voices Together products will be available in 2019. The pew edition will likely be priced between $22 and $25 per copy. MennoMedia will offer two kinds of discounts:

  • Quantity discounts for those ordering more than 50 copies
  • Preorder discounts for those ordering by January 1, 2020, with an additional discount for those who also pay for their order in advance

Congregations will be able to stack the discounts for even greater savings!

Budget now for Voices Together

How many copies, and in which formats, will your congregation need? Talk now as a congregation and be sure to include Voices Together in your upcoming church budget. Plan ahead so that you can take advantage of special quantity and preorder discounts!

Final pricing and discounts for Voices Together will be available in 2019.