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Canadian Hymnal Launch Event

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Event location:
Bethel Mennonite Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Posted on: July 29th, 2019 by Voices Together Hymnal

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  1. Carol Martens says:

    Do you have anymore information about this event?

  2. Will this be first evening all day second day third day morning? Or three evenings? For people coming a distance this would be crucial for booking airlines etc.

    • Voices Together Hymnal says:

      The details are still TBD but we will announce them as soon as they are finalized. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to receive updates ASAP!

  3. Tracy Brown Ewert says:

    I too am wondering about the time frame for the event. I’m hoping to have people (or just myself) fly out for this but need to know details. Thanks!

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